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Gyrocopter, or autogiro is a type of aircraft from among the rotorcraft is effective mobile using horizontal rotors.

Žirokopter developed by the Spaniard Juan de la Cierva and his model first flew in 1923.

Otherwise the name "autogiro" is a trademark of the company Cierva Autogiro Company, which was founded by de la Cierva in 1926, and only gyrocopters that company be called rotor plane.

Juan de la Cierva was a Spanish engineer and aeronautical enthusiasts. He participated in the 1921 design competition for the development of bombers in the Spanish army. De la Cierva designed aircraft with three engines, but in the early test flights, bomber writhed and fell.

De la Cierva was concerned about the problem of twisting, and vowed to develop aircraft that will fly safely at low speed flight. The result was the first successful "Unmanned aerial vehicle", which he named the Autogiro, 1923